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Hi, my name is Fernanda and welcome to my website! Yoga is a huge passion of mine since my mid 20s and as the years go by, I have fallen in love with it more and more!

Growing up with not a very healthy lifestyle with lots of stress and anxiety, and being on anti-anxiety medication, I realized that this was not treating the root cause of my problems. This forced me to discover new ways of dealing with my anxiety and living a healthier lifestyle, and that is how I found Yoga!

Now I want to share with you more about yoga and as well as how to feel more confident about ourselves with some stylish yet comfortable eco friendly yoga pants


A Little Story About My Past

I have been very privilege to have an amazing family. Unfortunately I still had a lot of anxiety issues in school, and there were days that I could not attend school or see my friends as I felt sick to my stomach a lot of the times. I ate lots of sweets and junk food to try to comfort myself, and to make up for it I still practiced soccer and basketball at the time.

Long story short, after university and starting my first job, that is when things really started to fall apart for me. I developed several health issues, such as constipation and losing a lot of weight, as well as I lost a lot of my confidence.

I realized that there must be another way! After doing lots of research on the internet and also opening up to my friends about my issues, eventually I began to find myself. By changing my diet by eating more whole foods(actually I am still changing and learning a lot!), and as well as practicing Yoga, I was able to find more balance and tranquility within myself. I realized that there are many benefits to doing Yoga.


The World is Changing

I believe that our world has and is drastically changing. I believe that we have evolved a lot, however we sometimes forget to slow down and to take care of our bodies and the environment.

I would like to contribute to making the world a better place and reminding people how we can heal ourselves. Yoga is one way to help with that! I also believe that by wearing something dazzling, comfortable AND eco friendly, it can boost our confidence and at the same time remind us to lead a healthier lifestyle.

If we can all make small changes and change our energy for the better, we can slowly make the world a better place.


Enhance Your Yoga Practice & Feel Beautiful

I believe that anyone can feel beautiful and feel themselves by wearing the best attire during their yoga practice. Let’s unite our mind and body together to create harmony with all living things around us.

So please feel free to look around this website, and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!




Founder of In Yoga Pants

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